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Which Economies Showed the Most Digital Progress in 2020? /  A global analysis.

HBR Readers Reflect on 2020 / 1What they learned, what they’re grateful for, and what they want to remember.

Reimagine Your Corporate Volunteer Program / You can offer a more meaningful opportunity for employees and deeper connection with your community.

How Companies Can Meet the Needs of a Changing Workforce / Gender and age trends are redefining the “standard” career trajectory.

Why You Should Enlist Third-Party Expertise When Making Big Decisions – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GLG / Sponsor content from GLG.

The Creator Economy Needs a Middle Class /  Ten policies platforms like YouTube and TikTok can adopt to spread the wealth.

Don’t Let a Good Story Sell You on a Bad Idea / Heed these eight warning signs.

Use OKRs to Set Goals for Teams, Not Individuals /  They’re easy to game on an individual level — and probably won’t reflect real value added.

How a New Collaboration Is Using “Intelligent Efficiency” to Improve Healthcare – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GE HEALTHCARE /  Sponsor content from GE Healthcare.

Cisco’s Fran Katsoudas: How to Talk About Race at Work / What we can learn from the Cisco Chief People Officer’s response to employees who posted racist comments at an all-hands meeting.

Making Venture Capital Work for Entrepreneurs / How a new model for venture capital could align incentives for investors and entrepreneurs.

Collaborating with Someone You Don’t Really Know / Five questions to ask when you’re working with someone for the first time.

Getting Your Team to Buy into a Big Change / Researchers studied backlash to change at five elite law firms — and how leadership eventually won the skeptics over.

Are You Worried That Your New Colleagues Resent You? / How to address the problem quickly.

10 buenas prácticas para un comité de innovación efectivo Innolandia / El comité de innovación es una herramienta importante para innovar Puedes empezar sin él. No hay problema. Entra en el punto en el que ya tienes varios proyectos y hay que tomar decisiones. Dónde invertir Qué proyectos matar En qué áreas poner el foco Y cosas así. Mira En todas las empresas que aspiran a ser innovadoras, alguien tiene que tomar decisiones. Si hablamos de una empresa pequeña, las…

Why Burnout Happens — and How Bosses Can Help / Now more than ever, managers need to recognize when employees are suffering and do something about it.

6 Ways to Convince Someone to Collaborate with You / You have more to offer than you might realize.

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too / The latest wave of Covid-19 is pushing us to new depths of personal resilience.

Welcome Back to Remote Work, New Moms / Solidarity and support for women returning from parental leave to a new normal — one that’s inhospitable to mothers’ careers.

Advanced Noise-Cancellation Technology Can Improve Employee Wellness – and Your Revenue – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM EPOS / Sponsor content from Epos.

Understanding Envy Part 1: How Envy Impacts Anxiety and Leadership / Executive coach Nihar Chhaya explains how envy can contribute to anxiety and depression.

How Couples Can Find Balance While Working from Home / Strategies for maintaining domestic harmony.

Could Gen Z Consumer Behavior Make Capitalism More Ethical? / Netflix, Costco, and others are moving cash to Black-owned banks and businesses in response to public demand.

We Built an Online Marketplace for Covid-19 Testing / Here’s what we learned about rapid organizational change.

Noticias Emprendimiento Corporativo e Intraemprendimiento semana 6/12/20

New appointment to develop next generation of intrapreneurial graduate engineers Wales247 Intrapreneurs perform the role of entrepreneur but from within an organisation. They possess the entrepreneurial skills to identify new opportunities, …
Innovation is key to being a successful ASX company UQ News
UQ Business School Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Associate Professor Tim Kastelle said the report explained why building an innovation …
Ten Mind-Opening Business Books For 2020 Forbes
Too many business books are scarcely-disguised marketing materials for the authors’ services. All too frequently, they pick on some facet of what’s …
SAVVY DATA SYSTEMS: “Somos industria, explotamos datos, generamos negocio…” Grupo SPRI
Savvy Data Systems surgió como un proceso de Intraemprendimiento dentro de una Ingeniería de software llamada Syslan. “Comenzó con el …
Proyectos innovadores y oportunidades de negocio se registraron este año de pandemia en el …El Quindiano S.A.S.
… para identificar y desarrollar proyectos de emprendimiento corporativo y en el que el gremio cafetero trabaja de la mano con Innpulsa Colombia.

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It’s Time to Challenge Old Assumptions Around Re-Skilling and Career Advancement – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM STRATEGIC EDUCATION / 13hSponsor content from Strategic Education.

What One Health System Learned About Providing Digital Services in the Pandemic / Seven takeaways from the CEO of Intermountain Healthcare.

How to Hold Your Company Accountable to Its Promise of Racial Justice / A tactical guide for employees.

How Verbal Aikido Can Help You Avoid Stupid Arguments The Heart of Innovation /  Great article on skillful communication and how to free yourself up from the quicksand of stupid arguments. Author: Don Johnson

Why Your Company’s Modernization Journey Needs a Destination – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM SLALOM / 

Reimagining Medical Conferences for a Virtual Setting / What the Scoliosis Research Society learned from two different approaches.

Creating Space for Religious Diversity at Work / Inside a two-year study of Germany’s first Islamic bank.

How Long Can a Company Thrive Doing Just One Thing? / A strategic analysis of why Slack sold to Salesforce.

Where Did the Commute Time Go? / Research shows who’s working more — and who’s not.

IKEA: Making a $40 Billion Company Climate Positive / IKEA generates 0.1 percent of global greenhouse emissions. Can it become climate positive by 2030?.

The Three Factors That Drive Consumer Behavior InnovationManagement / As the adage goes, the only constant is change, and such is the case with consumer behavior. Thus, tracking trends, using business analytics to predict where the next trend may be, and acting accordingly with your marketing is a recipe for success. The post appeared first on InnovationManagement.

Why Your Employees Are the Key to Recovery InnovationManagement / In this article, we will look at how to identify and understand employee contributions, and learn how to work with idea generators, evaluators, and activators. The post appeared first on InnovationManagement .

You’re Between Assignments at Work. What Do You Do? / It’s a great time to get organized and think big picture.

How Madam C.J. Walker Built Racial Equity into Her Business / She didn’t just enrich herself — she created opportunities for other Black Americans to do the same.

Interview with Erich Joachimsthaler, Author of The Interaction Field InnovationManagement / I had the opportunity recently to interview fellow author Erich Joachimsthaler, the Founder and CEO of Vivaldi, one of the largest independent global strategy and business transformation firms, to talk with him about his new book The Interaction Field: The Revolutionary New Way to Create Shared Value for Businesses, Customers, and Society, to explore the important role that connections play in…

Uber’s Strategy for Global Success / How can Uber adapt its business model to compete in unique global markets?

Lessons From Brexit on How (Not) to Negotiate / Highlights and lowlights from the last three and a half years.

What Patients Like — and Dislike — About Telemedicine / People like the product, but the process falls short.

El camino hacia el océano azul. Innovar en modelos de negocio (V) Innolandia / El océano azul es el objetivo de muchos innovadores El resultado final de un nuevo modelo de negocio sin competencia Y es el nuevo post de la serie “Innovar en modelo de negocio” que estoy haciendo para ayudarte a explorar innovaciones en un mundo post-COVID. Porque ya no vale sacar un producto en un mercado conocido Hay que ir más allá Aparecen nuevas necesidades, nuevos clientes Y hay que…

Audio Quick Take: Aon’s Rakesh Inamdar on Being a Digital Leader – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM EQUINIX / Sponsor content from Equinix.

When to Team Up with Your Competition / A conversation with Yale professor Barry Nalebuff on navigating the best way to collaborate with your competitors.

Want to Win Someone Over? Talk Like They Do. / What new research tells us about the power of “linguistic mirroring.”

I’m a CEO and a Working Dad. Here’s What I Wish I Did Differently. / My “always on” mentality wasn’t good for my family — or my company.

Why Does it Take a Crisis to Unlock Innovation Innov8rs / Why do innovation efforts fail and what is different about innovation in a crisis that enables new ideas to launch at speed? What is it about innovation that is different to business-as-usual and what are the key attributes of a crisis that we should leverage during non-crisis times? During our recent Innov8rs Connect on Strategy, Leadership & Governance Domhnaill Hernon…

Lessons in Uncertainty, Anxiety, and Resilience / How the overwhelming anxiety of a 14-year battle against her father’s deportation fueled journalist Aarti Shahani’s drive for success.

Psychiatry Is Revealing the Potential — and Pitfalls — of Telehealth / Three lessons to guide providers.

How Do You Evaluate Performance During a Pandemic? / Three ways to make sure employee reviews are fair in chaotic times.

The Secret to Becoming a Market Leader / You can define the playing field.

Upgrading Your Executives On Innovation Innov8rs / Most executives and their lieutenants, influencers are out of their comfort zone with regards to innovation and how to shape the future for three key reasons. They are too busy… They just don’t know… And don’t know how to get started. Stefan Lindegaard facilitated a discussion on what we can do to upgrade our executives on innovation during our recent Innov8rs Connect on Strategy, Leadership & Go.

Innovation Ability Predicts Growth Innov8rs / Across the board, innovation efforts aren’t yet yielding enough results. The missing piece is the human aspect of innovation – the raw innovation ability or innovation talent of the workforce. A snippet from Suzan Briganti’ session during the Innov8rs Connect Unconference, June-September 2020. To watch the full session recording, join Innov8rs Community with a Content or Premium Pass.

How To Be An Effective Rebel Innov8rs / Francesca Gino is an award-winning behavioral scientist, researcher, and author. She works as a professor at Harvard Business School and has been named one of the top 50 most influential management thinkers. Her 2018 book, Rebel Talent: Why it Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life, has created a buzz throughout the business world. In her book, Francesca describes the five ingredients behind…

The Five Habits of High-Impact Intrapreneurs Innov8rs / Intrapreneurs who try to make change from the inside out are often met with resistance, which either makes them give up and get in line or burn out and leave the company. Challenging the status quo with disruptive ideas requires balancing the rebel spirit with diplomatic tactics. These diplomatic rebels are… 

Noticias Emprendimiento Corporativo e Intraemprendimiento semana 30/11/20

Shake Things Up From The Inside: Be A Digital Entrepreneur Forbes“Digital intrapreneurs are employees who use their entrepreneurial spirit for the benefit of their employer and simultaneously to give meaning to their …
Una jornada sobre intraemprendimiento Noticias de Gipuzkoa
NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA celebró ayer una nueva edición de Gitalent, en esta ocasión sobre la importancia de promover el intraemprendimiento en …
Innovar desde el corazón de la empresa Noticias de Gipuzkoa
… dará comienzo a las 10.00 horas con la mesa redonda Fomento del intraemprendimiento, la formación como impulso, en la que participarán Iker …
La innovación y el emprendimiento, las claves para el progreso social Cinco Días
… de los Premios CincoDías a la Innovación Empresarial. Unos galardones que reconocen las mejores iniciativas del emprendimiento corporativo en …
Ciencia, tecnología e innovación en México se encuentran en situación crítica MSN
… como la innovación abierta, el emprendimiento corporativo, las incubadoras y aceleradoras, oficinas de translación, y el crowdsourcing.

Noticias Emprendimiento Corporativo e Intraemprendimiento semana 23/11/20

Softeq Launches Houston Innovation Lab to Spur Real-World Solutions For City’s Vast Array of …Valdosta Daily TimesThe lab is seeking to engage Houston-based intrapreneurs from the … Boundless partners to build Intrapreneur Centers with corporate multipliers
Here’s how business can be a platform for social changeWorld Economic Forum
Corporate changemakers drive social innovation within organizations; social entrepreneurs innovate in partnership with communities. They can …
Más de 80 personas mejoran su compromiso medioambiental en el Programa de Innovación e …20minutos
Más de 80 personas mejoran su compromiso medioambiental en el Programa de Innovación e Intraemprendimiento Verde.
Enagás celebra el Día de la Mujer Emprendedora con cuatro mujeres de é
La compañía cuenta con un Programa de Emprendimiento Corporativo e Innovación Abierta, Enagás Emprende, para apoyar e impulsar ideas y …
Enagás reúne a empresarias para debatir sobre igualdad y emprendimiento en el Día de la Mujer … – Europa Press