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Help Your Organization Blaze a Trail in a New Market – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GLG 

To Increase Diversity, U.S. Tech Companies Need to Follow the Talent  A state-by-state analysis of where companies should recruit — now that employees can work from anywhere.

What the Pandemic Means for Health Care’s Digital Transformation / Three key priorities identified by leading CIOs.

Compassionate Leadership Is Necessary — but Not Sufficient / Caring too much can cloud your judgment.

Observability and Artificial Intelligence Have Become Essential to Managing Modern IT Environments – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DYNATRACE

Race at Work: Lessons in Diversity and Culture from Mastercard / A conversation between Porter Braswell and Donna Johnson about diversity in large corporations.

Digital Tools Are Revolutionizing Mental Health Care in the U.S. / It’s about more than just Zooming with your therapist.

How to Best Use Data to Meet Your DE&I Goals / Lessons from organizations that are seeing improved outcomes.

The Future of ESG Is … Accounting? / A new proposal from the IFRS could revolutionize how companies report sustainability.

The Pandemic Pivot: The Need for Product, Service and Business Model Innovation InnovationManagement / The pandemic and economic depression the world faces is a dark period for all businesses, but there are also opportunities. The companies that see the opportunities, and pivot to exploit them, will succeed, while those that fail to innovate will fade away.

Havas New York CEO Laura Maness: Listen, Learn, and Lead / How does racial representation in the ad industry shape their work and our world?

China’s Technology Transformation with Kai-Fu Lee / China’s entrepreneurs are opening new avenues for innovation in consumer technologies.

Want to See the Future of Digital Health Tools? Look to Germany. / An ambitious new law is catalyzing innovation.

Do Your Remote Employees Feel Included in Meetings? / Three ways to level the playing field.

Using Digital Acceleration to Strengthen Your Business – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WORKDAY / 

Can AI Fairly Decide Who Gets an Organ Transplant? / Or, for that matter, a Covid-19 vaccine?

3 Mistakes That Stymie Corporate Purpose Initiatives / And how to avoid them.

The Pandemic Is Widening a Corporate Productivity Gap / What sets top companies apart?

Building a Capability for Strategic Innovation Innov8rs / Strategic innovation is an organizational capability the fuels growth and renewal of mature organizations. It operates in a context of high uncertainty and ambiguity, and therefore requires different managerial and executional approaches than those that drive the core business. Companies initiate strategic innovation on a sporadic basis but so far, most have failed to sustain it and evolve their…

How The Most Innovative Companies Empower Their Employees to Work on Their Own Ideas Innov8rs / Most companies have under-utilized one of their most important assets – the ideas inside their employees’ heads. Frontline employees by virtue of working with customers and products every day are bombarded with insights that can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. However, in most companies, these employees don’t have a voice and their ideas become hidden assets.

Lean Scaleup: Set Your Corporate Ventures Up For Success Innov8rs / Corporate innovators must start with four things that help to adapt to budget cuts, to set up the company for post-crisis growth and to maintain corporate innovation’s role within the company: Understand the “new normal” Spot the opportunities coming from changes in customer needs, customer journeys, shifts in the channels and from new business models Align with digital units to identify where a…

Ignoring the Future Won’t Make it Go Away: Learning How to do Business in the Era of Macrotrends and the Next Abnormal Innov8rs / This is a guest post by Ken Tencer, CEO at Spyder Works, as originally published here . I think we can all agree, it’s been quite a year. From a global pandemic to a rapidly changing work environment and economic uncertainty, the changes we’ve seen this year have come to affect us all. In one way or another, we were all blindsided by COVID-19. But I don’t think we should have been…

Nuevas estadísticas de I+D ¿Que inventen ellos? INNOVACIÓN 6.0 / Se han publicado las nuevas estadísticas de I+D en España, correspondientes al año 2019. Según el Instituto Nacional de Estadística, la economía española invirtió 15.572 M€ en I+D en 2019, el 1,25% del PIB. Pese a significar un incremento bruto del 4,2% respecto al año anterior, la intensidad tecnológica de la economía española (medida en I+D/PIB) sigue muy por debajo de la media europea.

Podcast S4E88: Moodi Mahmoudi – Ideas are not the same as innovation Idea to Value / In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Co-Founder of the NEXT Business Design App, Moodi Mahmoudi. We speak about why ideas are worthless, how software is changing the Business Design world…

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