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Six Rules to Simplify Business The Heart of Innovation 

How to Spark Group Genius The Heart of Innovation 

Podcast: Semiconductores y Globalización INNOVACIÓN 6.0 / Os paso el nuevo podcast que me ha grabado ESADE sobre la crisis de los semiconductores y la nueva globalización basada en I+D: La entrada se publicó primero en INNOVACIÓN 6.0.

Podcast S5E122: Robin Gaster – The secret ways that Amazon innovates Idea to Value / In this episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with head of Incumetrics and innovation author, Robin Gaster. We talk about the giant that is Amazon, how it manages to innovate and whether this is a sustainable model of innovation for other companies. Topics covered in this episode: 00:02:00 – Why Robin thinks that Amazon is the most important innovator of our times 00.05:15 – The major tuYour Messaging to Older Audiences Is / 6dDon’t let stereotypes or condescending assumptions alienate the people you’re trying to reach.

The strongest trees grow against the wind Idea to Value / If you compare a houseplant which has grown indoors to a similar plant which has grown outside, you will see that the plant outside has a stronger stem. This is because while the indoor plants have been protected from the elements and grown up in calm, peaceful air, the plants outside have had to grow against wind, rain and a changing environment. But it is exactly because of this stress the…

Inclusive Insurance Alliance: doing good while doing business Board of Innovation / Developing new commercial offerings for underserved communities: Inclusive Insurance Alliance program, driven by a partnership between Allianz, GIZ and BIMA. The post appeared first on Board of Innovation .

I+D+ Impacto INNOVACIÓN 6.0 / Jamás me ha gustado el término “I+D+i”. Surge de un modelo antiguo que acumula múltiples prejuicios y errores conceptuales. En primer lugar, mezcla inputs y outputs: la I+D es una medida de esfuerzo (de input); mientras que la innovación (la “i” minúscula) es un resultado (es una medida de output). La innovación es la “explotación con éxito de nuevas ideas o de nuevo conocimiento”.

What Drives Growth in Midsize Firms? / Lessons from a survey of CEOs.

Procter & Gamble’s Lean Innovation Transformation / Can a new leader guide an established company, like P&G, through disruptive transformation from within?.

Is everyone creative? Idea to Value / Yes. Everyone is creative. The challenge is that not everyone feels creative. Maybe you fall into this camp. Because a lot of people do. Often when I am giving keynote speeches or workshops, I will ask the very simple question: Are you creative? And I am always amazed that a large proportion of people respond by saying that they are not creative . This is such a shame, because everyone is born.

Using a “budget pool” to reduce the cost of innovation Idea to Value / We have previously spoken about the value of using an innovation pipeline as part of of your innovation strategy. This way, more projects can be tested at lower costs, with only the ones with validated potential getting further funding to continue. But how do you actually reduce the costs of the projects in the first place? This is where an innovation budget pool comes in. In most traditional bus…

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