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Generative Design: A new form of computer creativity Idea to Value / Up until recently, most of the things we bought were designed by humans. Cars, computers, cans, chairs and cathedrals. Everything could be traced back to an individual or team who set out to design products with the ideal the combination of form and function. However, recently software has begun to find new ways to design and produce objects which would previously have been impossible for a human

Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation / Lessons from three companies that changed how they create value.

Podcast S5E108: Dr Robert Alan Black – The history of creativity research Idea to Value / In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we speak with international creativity advocate Dr Robert Alan Black. We touch on his history working with the late, great Prof Paul E Torrance and speak about the history of creativity research. Topics covered in this episode: 00:01:15 – Dr Black’s history in architecture and advertising, leading him to the new field of creativity research…

How to Create a Winning Post-Pandemic Business Model / Lessons from six companies that used market insights to transform.

Can One Make a Living in Creative Photography? Idea to Value / Photography is one of the most important media in contemporary society. It has the power to capture moments for posterity, give us insights into lives very different from our own, and make a permanent record of vital aspects of our shared history. It can also make for a viable and rewarding career choice. Some of the most popular careers in the area are geared toward journalism, events, and portr

New research shows being bored might make you more creative Idea to Value / Sometimes being bored can seem like the worst thing in the world. In fact, I’ve previously written about research which shows that people (especially men), would rather electrocute themselves than be bored . But a new piece of research indicates that being bored may have an unexpected benefit: Being bored can make you more creative. A study of 170 volunteers by Cadman and Mann set out to test…

Idea Brahmacharaya The Heart of Innovation / In India, spiritual adepts who give up sex to pursue God are known as «brahmacharyas.» They believe that their vital power (i.e. kundalini) needs to be completely intact in order for them to have the ultimate experience. What does this have to do with you, oh passionate seeker of creative breakthroughs? Plenty — especially when you consider that one of the main reasons why many new ideas never…

Managing Future Growth at an Innovative Workforce Education Start-up / Should the CEO of an education start-up expand within the company’s core marketplace or extend the business model and enter a new market?

Guía rápida para diseñar modelos de negocio circulares. Innolandia / Los modelos de negocio circulares son claramente una oportunidad Porque no hay duda que el futuro será circular y sostenible. Los fondos europeos estarán ligados a iniciativas de este tipo. En 2020, el World Economic Forum lanzó un manifiesto para concienciar sobre la necesidad de construir un nuevo capitalistmo. Y en el último foro de Davos incluso se cambió la orientación, hacia la…

Let’s talk environmental impact in innovation Board of Innovation / Board of Innovation meets Greenfish. An inspirational guide to boosting your company’s positive social and environmental impact. The post appeared first on Board of Innovation .

Who Created «The Year of Living Creatively?» The Heart of Innovation / If you are thinking about subscribing to The Year of Living Creatively , one question you are likely to ask is this: «Who created it — and what are his credentials?» Your caution is totally understandable, especially if you about to invest some of your precious time and money. Which is precisely why, below, I have listed a selection of the products and services I have created over the years.

How Do Organizations Typically Gather New Ideas? InnovationManagement / Even the most fledgling innovation program have a research component. Innovation research guides decision making, problem statements, idea generation, solution sourcing, and several other points in the innovation lifecycle. And when it comes to research there are lots of ways to get the data that you need – but two common ways are surveys and crowdsourcing. The post appeared first on Innovation.

Judo, empresa e innovación. INNOVACIÓN 6.0 / Entrevista realizada para . Conversaciones sobre mi experiencia vital y mis reflexiones personales: las relaciones entre el judo y la estrategia empresarial. Análisis que plasmó el profesor David Yoffie (Harvard) en su magistral libro «Judo Strategy». La entrada se publicó

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