Insigths e ideas otros blogs semana 21/12/20

How Businesses Can Find “Hidden Workers” /  Even before the pandemic, these low- and middle-skills workers were cut out of the economy. It’s time to bring them back.

How the Gender Balance of Investment Teams Shapes the Risks They Take /  New research finds that women are more likely to make big bets when important social issues are on the table.

Research: Which Firms Are Allowed to Be Disruptors? / Newcomers may have the will, but industry insiders have the way.

10 buenas prácticas para un comité de innovación efectivo Innolandia /  The post appeared first on Innolandia .

Applying the Pandemic Mindset to Climate Change with Cory Doctorow / Can the strategies for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic be applied to climate change?

What Makes a 360-Degree Review Successful? /  It has to start with buy-in from the top.

PGA of America’s Sandy Cross: Making Golf More Inclusive /  How one golf executive is reckoning with the sport’s past discrimination and building a more inclusive future.

If You’re Tracking Employee Behavior, Be Transparent About It / You need to explain how — and why — you’re monitoring.

How Business Schools Can Help Close the Gender Gap / Female instructors in quantitative courses can lead more women into finance, consulting, and consumer technology.

Dove: Maintaining a Brand with Purpose / Can Unilever’s Dove soap maintain both its market position and social impact?

Chevron Created a Virtual Summer Camp for Its Employees’ Kids / Organizations need to get creative when it comes to supporting WFH parents.

AI and Chatbots Can Help Organizations Meet Rising Customer Expectations – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM STRATEGIC EDUCATION / Sponsor content from Strategic Education.Better

Ways to Manage Up and Out / A conversation with leadership coach Nashater Deu Solheim on gaining influence in your organization.

What People (Still) Get Wrong About Emotional Intelligence / It’s not just about being nice.

When Work Feels Like Family, Employees Keep Quiet About Wrongdoing / Mum’s the word.

3 Tenets of a Strong Remote Culture /  Leading consulting firms like McKinsey have done it for years. Here’s what they’ve learned.

Front-End Innovation Starts with the Right Customer Insights – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GLG INSIGHTS / Sponsor content from GLG Insights.

Rolling Out the Covid Vaccine Is a Huge IT Challenge / Four strategies to ensure the vaccination effort is effective, equitable, and secure.

Disruption, Not Regulation, Should Be Tech Companies’ Top Concern / New research from Bain & Company.

Make Space for Grief After a Year of Loss / Three ways managers can help people process.

Understanding Envy Part 2: Facing Professional Envy / Envy is a natural human emotion, but it’s often misunderstood when it comes up at work.

Why Aren’t We Making More Progress Towards Gender Equity? /  Research on how “gender fatigue” is holding us back.

How Amazon Thinks About Competition /  To do well in business, a company needs to be both robust and nimble.

How McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index Relates to Innovation InnovationManagement / McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) is an exhaustive assessment of an organization’s effectiveness and its management’s performance based on an organization-wide survey. It’s a tool that numerous public and private sector organizations have leveraged in order to benchmark the

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