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Want to Improve Your RFP Process? The Heart of Innovation /  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mitch Ditkoff. I am the Co-Founder of Idea Champions , an innovation consulting and training company headquartered in Woodstock, NY. We’ve been in business since 1986 and, since that time, have responded to more than 1,200 RFPs. Along the way, we’ve noticed a curious trend. Time and again, we’ve seen RFP-requesting companies get stuck with a vendor or…

When Should You Collaborate with the Competition? /  The case for “coopetition.”

Having more information will not make your decisions more accurate Idea to Value /  It is human nature to want to be able to make the best decisions . And usually this leads to advice about making sure you have enough information for a thorough analysis, weighing up all the factors before then being able to be confident in a decision you make. The problem is that research shows that having more information does not necessarily lead to better quality decisions. Even worse, having…

5 Things to Consider Before Entering a New Market – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GLG INSIGHTS / Sponsor content from GLG.

To Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy, We Need a Better Patient Experience / Seven ideas for public health officials and health care providers.

You don’t need that thing Idea to Value / You don’t need the same professional camera as Steven Spielberg before you can record your first film. You have one in your pocket. Just start filming. You’ll get better if you stick with it. You don’t need the same running shoes as Usain Bolt to become more healthy. Just start exercising however you can. You’ll get better if you stick with it. You don’t need the same Microphone as Taylor Swift…

Make Your Organization More Resilient With High-Performance Sourcing and Procurement Technology – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WORKDAY / Sponsor content from Workday.

Podcast S4E95: Adi Mazor Kario – Learning from Israeli startups and Innovating during chaos Idea to Value / On this episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Adi Mazor Kario, innovation strategy and design expert and author of Innovating through Chaos . We talk about how innovation drives the Israeli economy, where this culture of innovation comes from, and how companies can continue innovating during chaos. Topics covered in this episode: 00:01:30 – Adi’s story starting with product design a…

9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2021 and Beyond / Don’t expect the pace of change to slow down.

How to Reach New Customers When You Can’t Meet Them in Person / Existing relationships will only get you so far.

Thriving in the Age of Hybrid Work /  It’s not just about where you work — it’s about reimagining what your work could look like.

How Empathy Helps Bridge Generational Differences / A conversation with executive Mimi Nicklin about how managers can better understand and engage younger workers.

Are Peer Reviews the Future of Performance Evaluations? / In an era of agile teams and self-management, social feedback is key.

Leading from Anywhere (Podcast with David Burkus and Todd Henry) Idea to Value / You might remember David Burkus and Todd Henry as two recent guests on the Idea to Value podcast . Well David has a new book out, and was on Todd’s Accidental Creative podcast to talk about some of the main themes. That book is Leading from Anywhere: The Essential Guide to Managing Remote Teams , and is all about the research and case studies of what it takes for teams to do their very best work

Eight Ways to Create Flow The Heart of Innovation / Here’s a very useful article by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi — the author of Flow on what it takes to cultivate flow — sometimes referred to as «the zone» Illustration: gapingvoid…

Four Ways You’ll Need to Shift Your Office Design in 2021 – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM STEELCASE / Sponsor content from Steelcase.

Am I C-Suite Material? / When she’s passed over for a big promotion, one leader must learn how to reposition her out-of-the-box approach for the C-suite.

A Step Toward Making Your Company More Sustainable / What if companies were responsible for the full life cycle of their products?

An Agile Approach to Change Management / Six lessons on moving quickly under pressure.

What Can We Learn from the Innovation Averages in 2020?InnovationManagement / Every year, IdeaScale conducts an in-depth study of their customer trends in order to write an annual report, provide benchmarks to our clients (and ourselves), and better understand the marketplace. This data gathering and analysis takes up the better part of our first quarter and our report is generally published in March, but 2020 is a unique year for the crowdsourced innovation community…

The importance of owning your own platforms – Podcast S4E97 Idea to Value /  After last week’s events in America, Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter, his largest platform. Not only that, he was also banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and even Reddit (which is one of the most vocal protectors of free speech rights online). He has spent years growing up a following of more than 100 million “fans” across social media for years, to whom he could launch what…

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