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La guerra de los chips INNOVACIÓN 6.0 / El mundo se ha quedado seco de semiconductores. Los procesadores y las memorias electrónicas, esas pequeñas pastillas de silicio que nos permiten ejecutar operaciones digitales a la velocidad de la luz, y memorizar millones de bits de información, empiezan a escasear. La Covid generó interrupciones en su cadena de suministro, a la vez que las empresas automovilísticas suspendieron sus compras al…

Is Your C-Suite Equipped to Lead a Digital Transformation? / Tech and digital skills will be baseline qualifications for roles across the board in the post-pandemic era.

Your Company Downsized During the Pandemic. Here’s How to Rebuild. / Don’t try to go back to the way things were.

Podcast S5E106: Rachel Audigé – Getting unblinkered and busting biases Idea to Value /  In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Australia’s top facilitator of Systematic Inventive Thinking, Rachel Audigé. We speak about her new book Unblinkered: The quirky biases that get in the way of creative thinking…and how to bust them , about how biases manifest themselves in our workplace and what we can do about them. Topics covered in today’s episode: 00:01:20 – Rache

Mandatory Vaccinations and the Big Freeze in Texas /  Should businesses require their employees to get vaccinated before they can return to work? And why did the energy market in Texas fail during a recent winter storm?

Video Quick Take: Accenture Interactive’s Brian Whipple on Why Purpose Is Good / Sponsor content from Accenture.

Shocking: 67% men will electrocute self rather than ‘just think’ or be bored Idea to Value / Women on the other hand appear much more comfortable with their own company, with only 25% choosing a mild shock. A new study just published in Science has given a shocking insight into how uncomfortable most people find it having nothing to do but think by themselves. The study, led by Timothy Wilson, originally asked what people’s reaction would be when asked to just sit in a room with no…

How Has the Past Year Changed You and Your Organization? / Anthropology offers us models for how we can adapt.

Managing incentives and influencers to set your health innovation up for success Board of Innovation / We guide you to set up your healthcare innovation for success, considering the new dynamics of stakeholders and influencers. The post appeared first on Board of Innovation .

6 Ways to Innovate Your Business Model InnovationManagement / The pandemic has given us all an opportunity to build a new business future. Market disruption equals opportunity for those willing to look and work for it. This is the time to adjust and innovate your business model to market conditions. The post 6 Ways to Innovate Your Business Model appeared first on InnovationManagement .

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset Idea to Value / Why is it that throughout life, some people seem to be comfortable going up for new challenges, and growing as a result, while other people want to stay exactly where they are? It may be partially down to what sort of mindset these people have. Carol Dweck is a researcher who studies mindset , and her research suggests that there are people with a growth mindset and people with a fixed mindset .

Resultados del estudio Radiografía del innovador en el COVID Innolandia / En este post voy presentarte los resultados del estudio que hemos realizado en Innolandia de cómo nos ha afectado la pandemia, en el día a día de los profesionales de la innovación. Esta semana cumplimos un año desde que se decretó en España el estado de alarma por la pandemia La recogida de datos fue en noviembre y diciembre de 2020, con lo cual tenemos datos de bastante tiempo de pandemia.

Building Influence Without Authority / An emerging leader must learn how to increase her influence in a cross-functional role.

How Does an Employee-Owned Fortune 500 Company Manage Their Innovation Lab? InnovationManagement / Graybar is a Fortune 500 corporation and one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America. They are a leader in the distribution of communications and data networking products – even if you don’t know…

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