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I shaved my head
Idea to Value / Nobody knows exactly what the future is going to look like. This is especially true in business , and one of the main reasons why it can be so hard to get buy-in for new ideas . But in some cases, we can see what is coming up on the horizon and prepare for it. That is exactly why I just shaved off 99% of my hair. As I’ve previously written, I’m slowly getting older (actually, come to think of it…

How Midsize Companies Can Adapt to Changing Demand / Invest in innovation, information-gathering, and collaboration.

How leading businesses are making an impact Board of Innovation / 5 secrets of how leading businesses are building a better world and making an impact. Social and environmental challenges are becoming more pressing by the day, setting in motion societal transformations that will impact economic and social life in the decades to come. At the same time, awareness is growing among corporations and they are […] The post appeared first on Board of Innovation .

Have We Taken Agile Too Far? / Many companies use the approach as an excuse to avoid careful planning and preparation. Amazon takes a different tack.

How Blockchain Can Simplify Partnerships /  Distributed ledgers and smart contracts can increase transparency, trust, and efficiency.

Strategic Agility: The Leadership Survival Skill of the Year InnovationManagement / Chaos might have defined the year that was 2020, but that turmoil helped business leaders learn a new skill that will serve them well in the years to come. The post appeared first on InnovationManagement .

Podcast S5E110: Jeff Wald – The End of Jobs Idea to Value / In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with serial entrepreneur and investor Jeff Wald. Jeff’s most recent company, Work Market, an enterprise software platform that enables companies to manage freelancers was acquired by ADP in 2018. We speak about some of research behind understanding how the job market has changed over the past decades, and what this says about how it will

One Certainty in These Uncertain Times: Innovate Through Ecosystems, or Miss the Opportunity to Radically Transform Your Innovation Strategy InnovationManagement / Hardly no one will regret 2020, it seems. Yet, 2021 ahead is hard to predict. There are hopeful signs that pave the way for a better, stronger future, but as we have now the experience, our world can go upside down almost overnight. The post One Certainty in These Uncertain Times: Innovate Through Ecosystems, or Miss the Opportunity to Radically Transform Your Innovation Strategy…

5 Ways to Overcome the $1 Million Paradox InnovationManagement / To understand the difference between how new ideas are treated in startups and in big companies, you need to understand the $1 million paradox. The post appeared first on InnovationManagement.

The Future of Restaurants, Take-Out, and More / Youngme, Mihir, and Felix discuss the future of food delivery, ghost kitchens, virtual restaurant brands, and more.

Stability Idea to Value / 11dWhat is more stable: A pure diamond or pure graphite? And what does this have to do with innovation? Both of these are a pure form of the element Carbon, so chemically at the atomic level they are identical, but structurally diamond is the hardest natural material in the world, whereas graphite is brittle and soft. We would expect therefore for diamond to be the most chemically stable form of…

3 Ways to Help Your Team Recover from Disruption / Lessons on adaptability from emergency response teams.

Slow Innovation: decelerating in a high-speed world Board of Innovation / Speed has long been seen as a trademark of innovative companies – maybe it’s time for a different approach; see how slow innovation can help you manage in a high-speed world. The need for speed Let’s face it, we live in a time where we expect everything done quickly. We praise the fastest sprinter, crave […] The post appeared first on Board of Innovation .

The G.I. Joe Fallacy: Knowing is not enough Idea to Value / I have a problem. One of my missions in life is to help spread facts and knowledge which helps individuals improve their creativity and innovation capabilities. I make a concerted effort to ensure that this advice is evidence-based, so that people can use that knowledge to make changes in their lives which should be proven to work. However, recent research shows that this may not be enough.

How the Creative Economy is Changing with Covid-19 / A conversation with Adobe’s Scott Belsky about how creative work is more important than ever.

Research: Adding Women to the C-Suite Changes How Companies Think / Executive teams that increase gender diversity became more open to change and less comfortable with risk.

What Impact Did 2020 Have on Innovation? InnovationManagement / 2020 revealed our fragility and our capacity for adaptation, and what IdeaScale’s 2021 State of Crowdsourced Innovation report reveals is improved innovation capability from faster implementation rates to more engaged leadership. Let’s look at some trends and takeaways from this year’s report. The post appeared first on InnovationManagement.

Innovation Starts with Defining the Right Constraints / Why limiting time and outcomes — instead of budget and risk — inspires teams to think big.

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