Insights e ideas otros blogs semana 14/12/20

Which Economies Showed the Most Digital Progress in 2020? /  A global analysis.

HBR Readers Reflect on 2020 / 1What they learned, what they’re grateful for, and what they want to remember.

Reimagine Your Corporate Volunteer Program / You can offer a more meaningful opportunity for employees and deeper connection with your community.

How Companies Can Meet the Needs of a Changing Workforce / Gender and age trends are redefining the “standard” career trajectory.

Why You Should Enlist Third-Party Expertise When Making Big Decisions – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GLG / Sponsor content from GLG.

The Creator Economy Needs a Middle Class /  Ten policies platforms like YouTube and TikTok can adopt to spread the wealth.

Don’t Let a Good Story Sell You on a Bad Idea / Heed these eight warning signs.

Use OKRs to Set Goals for Teams, Not Individuals /  They’re easy to game on an individual level — and probably won’t reflect real value added.

How a New Collaboration Is Using “Intelligent Efficiency” to Improve Healthcare – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GE HEALTHCARE /  Sponsor content from GE Healthcare.

Cisco’s Fran Katsoudas: How to Talk About Race at Work / What we can learn from the Cisco Chief People Officer’s response to employees who posted racist comments at an all-hands meeting.

Making Venture Capital Work for Entrepreneurs / How a new model for venture capital could align incentives for investors and entrepreneurs.

Collaborating with Someone You Don’t Really Know / Five questions to ask when you’re working with someone for the first time.

Getting Your Team to Buy into a Big Change / Researchers studied backlash to change at five elite law firms — and how leadership eventually won the skeptics over.

Are You Worried That Your New Colleagues Resent You? / How to address the problem quickly.

10 buenas prácticas para un comité de innovación efectivo Innolandia / El comité de innovación es una herramienta importante para innovar Puedes empezar sin él. No hay problema. Entra en el punto en el que ya tienes varios proyectos y hay que tomar decisiones. Dónde invertir Qué proyectos matar En qué áreas poner el foco Y cosas así. Mira En todas las empresas que aspiran a ser innovadoras, alguien tiene que tomar decisiones. Si hablamos de una empresa pequeña, las…

Why Burnout Happens — and How Bosses Can Help / Now more than ever, managers need to recognize when employees are suffering and do something about it.

6 Ways to Convince Someone to Collaborate with You / You have more to offer than you might realize.

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too / The latest wave of Covid-19 is pushing us to new depths of personal resilience.

Welcome Back to Remote Work, New Moms / Solidarity and support for women returning from parental leave to a new normal — one that’s inhospitable to mothers’ careers.

Advanced Noise-Cancellation Technology Can Improve Employee Wellness – and Your Revenue – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM EPOS / Sponsor content from Epos.

Understanding Envy Part 1: How Envy Impacts Anxiety and Leadership / Executive coach Nihar Chhaya explains how envy can contribute to anxiety and depression.

How Couples Can Find Balance While Working from Home / Strategies for maintaining domestic harmony.

Could Gen Z Consumer Behavior Make Capitalism More Ethical? / Netflix, Costco, and others are moving cash to Black-owned banks and businesses in response to public demand.

We Built an Online Marketplace for Covid-19 Testing / Here’s what we learned about rapid organizational change.

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